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Empowering Potential through Coaching

At Coaching by Annie, we strive to continue what I have always enjoyed in my previous roles: creating resilient teams, guiding organizations toward their business goals through leadership coaching, and empowering employees and organizations to recognize and harness their full potential.


As a coach, I lead with curiosity, honesty, and a genuine commitment to supporting clients through their unique journeys. Having navigated my own life changes and setbacks, I understand the value of new awareness and growth that challenges can foster. I am dedicated to fostering a safe, welcoming environment where clients can explore their potential and approach their goals with renewed energy and perspective.

About Annie

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Before stepping into the coaching realm, I spent significant years navigating various industries such as beer distribution, sports entertainment, retail technology, and EdTech, undertaking leadership roles in human resources. 
My most transformative career shift, however, was transitioning from a decade-long tenure in retail management to a more people-centric role in human resources. This change was driven by my passion for facilitating personal and professional growth and my innate ability to connect with people on a deeper level.
Over the years, diverse experiences and challenges have enriched my career path. Still, the most rewarding aspect has always been helping individuals expand their horizons, set ambitious goals, and devise effective strategies to achieve them. These rewarding experiences ignited my desire to delve deeper into the realm of coaching, ultimately leading to the creation of Coaching by Annie.

Additionally, I provide strategic HR consulting services, working closely with leaders and stakeholders to ensure people operations are aligned with business goals. Together, we'll create an HR strategy to facilitate your growth and streamline HR functions effectively. Explore the full range of HR consulting services here.

Client Testimonials

"Working with Annie as my coach has been truly life-changing. Our coaching journey centered around finding clarity, staying motivated to complete my current projects, and living a life aligned with my core values. Annie's thought-provoking questions and deep curiosity were pivotal in redefining my core values and guiding me toward a more aligned life. Through introspection and self-reflection, I clearly understood what truly matters to me. Annie's guidance and support empowered me to make conscious choices that authentically reflect my values. This newfound clarity has brought me a profound sense of purpose and fulfillment. If you seek a coach who can bring clarity, motivation, and alignment to your journey, I wholeheartedly recommend Annie. Her powerful insights and unwavering support will guide you towards transforming your life in incredible ways." Nikki, Founder & Writer, San Francisco, CA

"Working with Annie as my coach has been an incredible personal and professional growth journey. We focused on key areas such as gaining work-life balance, building deeper connections, and defining core values for a more fulfilling life. Annie's thought-provoking questions and insightful reflections supported me in recognizing the importance of prioritizing self-care and finding practical ways to integrate it into my busy schedule. Through our coaching sessions, I gained a clearer understanding of my core values and what truly matters to me. This newfound clarity empowered me to make choices and decisions that align with my values, resulting in a more purpose-driven and fulfilling life. The impact of coaching with Annie has been profound. I now navigate my career more clearly, prioritize self-care with intention, foster meaningful connections, and live a life that aligns with my authentic self. I wholeheartedly recommend Annie to anyone seeking clarity, balance, and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Annie's guidance will empower you to unlock your potential, make choices aligned with your values, and create a life that brings you joy and fulfillment. If you're ready to embark on a transformative journey, I highly recommend working with Annie as your coach." Evelyn, High School Associate Principal, Bombay, India

"As a coach, Annie provided valuable insights and support that helped me stay focused, discover new awareness, and stay motivated throughout our time together. By providing a safe space paired with deep, thoughtful questions, I was able to find clarity to make a successful transition to a new phase of my career that is aligned with my strengths and values. I highly recommend working with Annie if you are looking to grow and find clarity personally and professionally." Stephen, Sales Executive, Austin, Texas

“Working with Annie as my coach was transformational. Her support, guidance, and insights helped me build confidence, find clarity, and stay motivated during a major life transition. With her, I stepped out of my comfort and embraced new opportunities. Annie’s thoughtful questions and reflections clarified my goals and values, aligning decisions with my authentic self. She infused me with renewed motivation and enthusiasm, propelling me to build a fulfilling career and life aligned with my core values. Her genuine care for her client’s success is unparalleled. I find myself, today, happier and more fulfilled than I could have imagined 6 months ago. I highly recommend Annie as a coach to unlock your full potential and support you in achieving your personal and professional goals.” Lindsay, Recruitment Manager, Pittsburgh, PA

"Working with Annie was the best decision I ever made. When I was transitioning from graduating from college and navigating entering the workplace for the first time I was worried about how to transition into an independent life and navigate the career search in a way that was authentic to me. Her positive and guidance not only was refreshing, but the perspective was beyond powerful. The way she used thought provoking questions were what I believe, the key factor in helping me unlock the true potential that I knew I always had. If you are someone who is searching for a thought partner to help you illuminate the clarity you have within yourself while also someone to help you sustain the motivation that can sometimes wan when you are making big life changes, I highly recommend working with Annie. Her insights and support were instrumental in guiding me towards the remarkable internal and external changes I knew I possessed within. I truly believe I wouldn't be where I am today without her support and gentle guidance. She has a way of bringing you back to yourself, the self that was there all along." Alexa H, Research Associate

"Annie has been an amazingly patient coach to me as I worked with her at a time when I was navigating the intricacies in a new sector of the professional world. Initially, I was unsure of how to assert myself and communicate my needs, particularly in the early stages of not only my career as a whole, but also a new position. However, Annie provided me with invaluable insights, strategies, and tools that have empowered me to face new professional challenges and advocate for myself. With Annie's support and coaching she helped my daily and long-term career approach and perspective on life's challenges. Annie truly listens to and respects your goals. I highly recommend Annie as a coach who can provide patient and insightful guidance on your career journey (or squiggle, as I like to call it)." Marina, M.S. student, Moscow, Idaho (previously and while working with Annie: Environmental Specialist II, St. Paul, MN).


Clients and Partners

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